Oct 25, 2013

Friday's with Francesca

Welcome to a new segment on the blog Gray & Jak! I'm super excited that Francesca has decided to be a regular contributor. She'll be sharing her thoughts every Friday, everything from fashion to food will be covered. She's super cute and creative so don't worry, you won't be disappointed! So without further ado, take it away Francesca . . .

     Well hello all! I have to say I am pretty excited to offer you "Fridays with Francesca." Jaklyn and I have been attempting to join together on this blogging thing for a while and it looks like we might have finally found a way to make it work. First, just let me say I had an incredible weekend in South Carolina with Jak and Gray. Greenville is so diverting. 
     Second,  it is always a blast being able to brainstorm and dream up new creative ideas. I love Pinterest for that reason. I have been collecting ideas for a few outfits I was hoping to put together over the break and of course to do this a trip to the thrift store was in order. And let me tell you, this thrift store in Greenville was THE best, yes, THE best! I ended up with too many things to choose from (and we all know this rarely happens when shopping!). In the pictures below (c/o Jaklyn) are a few of my favorite finds. The skirt was $4 and the purse was $3 (say what!). These are my first pair of patterned tights and although I was nervous about them, I have to say they ended up being my favorite part of the outfit! So scroll through the pictures and enjoy! I hope they encourage you to go out on a limb and add something new to your wardrobe because I mean everyone could use a little pizzazz in life!
top: c/o kohls
tights: c/o forever 21
skirt: thrifted
leather purse: thrifted
necklace: c/o premier jewelry
bracelet: c/o premier jewelry
earrings: c/o premier jewelry 
infinity scarf: handmade crochet
nail polish: c/o essie