Nov 9, 2016

Sky Top Orchard

Our third annual trip up to Sky Top Orchard was a success.

(A picture of him grabbing the only apple we actually picked.)

     It definitely looked a lot different from the last couple of years. No added friends, just our little family unit on a brisk Saturday morning. We enjoyed the animals and small bamboo forrest. Mommy and Tobias even highjacked a hayride meant for school field-trippers before ending our time at the play park.

     Well's did his thing and slept for most of the outing while riding in the ergo on daddy's chest. The apples that were up for picking happened to be in the back of the orchard. So aside from picking one apple on our "illegal" hayride we didn't go picking like in previous years. Instead we opted for the pre-picked bags and bought a small assortment of Asian Pears and Fuji Apples.

(He saw some other kids feeding the goats grass and decided to join in.) 

     The line for the apple cider donuts was amazing and far too long with a toddler and baby in tow. So we stood back and drooled over the smell but didn't partake. Alternately we tried and thoroughly enjoyed an apple cider slushy. We had a lot of fall fun and really loved all the apple-ly treats. So much so that we were greeted with a rather unpleasant diaper surprise later in the day, not naming any names, Tobias.

     I do love this family tradition. I love the opportunity we have to continue building on previous memories!

(How big is Tobias? The bamboo forrest was pretty cool!)

Nov 2, 2016

A morning outside with Tobias.

If I could bottle up all your zeal for life and apply it like perfume at the start of every day, I would.

     What the world must look like to one as little as you, gigantic, foreign, wonderful? Sometimes when I look at pictures like these I can imagine your awe. The world through your eyes, a beautifully scary creation rendered exciting within carefully constructed boundaries.

(Could you be any cuter sporting Auntie KK's beanie she left behind?)

     You love the outdoors, if I left it up to you you would spend all your time outside. I both love and dislike this about you. Rain or shine, heat or cold, no bugs or millions your enthusiasm never wavers (unless I mention Paw Patrol, but even then you are swayed only 50% of the time). I love this because if there is one place I can go to get refreshed it's outside. It's in Gods creation where I am reminded how small I am and how great God is. There is something very comforting in that truth. I dislike this because the heat annoys me and mosquito's are very literally the bane of my existence!

     Thankfully on this morning the air was crisp (my favorite kind) and the mosquito's were few. I had put Well's down for his morning nap and the three of us headed to the backyard to play.

     When Riggs wasn't standing at the back door wanting to be let in he ran around chasing squirrels. He made sure to give Tobias and his lawn mower a wide berth. He seems to be terrified of that blue and green bubble machine when it's at the hands of Ty. I can't imagine why? I don't know a person or animal who minds getting rammed and chased by a little squirt and his plastic mower ...

(I don't think my mom could have known how much he would love this toy.)

(The leaves tend to turn brown instead of all those vibrant colors like up north, boo.) 

(The sunlight that morning was just gorgeous.)

      He stood at the gate glued to whatever truck or bus happened to pass by. He would beckon to me frantically, desperately wanting me to share in his excitement.

(His little face! Those huge blue eyes, that sweet mouth and those soft cheeks, 
it's hard to express how much I love this boy.)

     He mowed the lawn five times over stopping every once in awhile to make sure I was watching or to investigate the nearest ant hill. He ended up transferring his hat to his mower, it was "coldy" and needed some warmth.

     He also drove to the store multiple times for various items mom forgot to grab. And he drove to work. He made sure to wave goodbye to me just like daddy does every time he leaves.

Oh to be little again. Don't grow up too fast baby.