Jun 6, 2014

Five on Friday

    I'm starting a weekly series on the blog called, "Five on Friday," who doesn't like alliteration? :) Basically, it's just a glimpse into a few things that have inspired me/moved me/challenged me during the week. Maybe you'll find something new to inspire or challenge you!

 Johnnyswim, their music is mesmerizing. I especially like their song, "Take the World." Go find them and save their new CD "Diamonds" to your Spotify playlist!

Bobbi+Mike Photography, their style and way of seeing things always makes me strive to be a better photographer. Check out their work, you won't be disappointed!

A blog I follow, Under the Sycamore, posted this heart wrenching story. I was challenged to cherish life, no matter how fleeting.

Brown Butter Icebox Cookies from A Beautiful Mess. It took everything within me to refrain from making these cookies, they look amazing! It's pinned to my Pinterest board for future baking!

Posted on the blog CARA LOREN, I love these shorts from the Mini Model Gallery. I'm looking forward to the day when I can dress my little boy in clothes like this!

Jun 5, 2014

Big News!

     It has been several weeks since we announced our big news on Facebook, but that's how I roll when it comes to blogging, always a step behind. So this story will be familiar to some.
     Gray and I knew we wanted to get our friends together for a gender reveal, but we didn't quite agree on how it would work. We finally settled on finding out before our guests, and I think it worked out perfectly for us! We had our 20 week ultrasound, Monday, May 12th and planned our party for the following day. It was a hazy 48 hours, finding out the news, cleaning the house, prepping the food, all while wrapped in a cloud of pure joy as I tried to imagine life with this new individual. Trying so hard to change my language from "it" to "him," from "Baby Cato" to "Baby Boy Cato."We let our family know through a video Gray took during our ultrasound, but trying to contain the news from friends here was kinda hard. I'm glad the party was so soon after we found out.
     The menu was pretty simple, but Gray and I couldn't help adding in a little of our cooking flair. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and the famous Cato nacho dip, veggies, and for dessert my special peach cobbler! It was so fun to have our friends over and have them share in this moment with us! It made finding out even more exciting, who knew that was possible!
The proud new dad! Working his magic at the grill.
And here's how it happened folks!
It's a BOY!!!!
We couldn't have asked for a better time, we are truly blessed with some awesome friends!