Apr 10, 2014

Lobster Red

     Does anyone else feel like Greenville completely skipped spring and went right to summer? I'm having a conniption fit over here. I know summers in Greenville are hot, I mean really hot, but I was counting, no relying on spring to ease the transition a bit. But no, its been bouncing back and fourth between cold and hot relentlessly. I mean cold . . . 40's, and hot . . . 80's. Thats not moderate change!
Who goes soaking up the sun in April only to burn like a lobster and peel the next few days? Me of course. My mom didn't believe me.

Jak: I think I'm red!
Mom: No you're not.
Dominique: Stop being a weenie Jak!
Jak: No I'm serious I think I'm red, (obviously this fact needed repeating, they didn't hear me the first time.)
Mom: We were outside for a half hour, you'll be fine.

And that's the end, at some point their is no use in arguing with mom . . . is it bad to say I felt vindicated the next day when in fact I did have a rudolph nose and a neck they couldn't stop laughing at!

Mom: Make sure you apply lotion
No really mom?! I told you I was red . . . :)

Greenville, I need spring! Bring back those high 50's and 60's please!