Jul 24, 2017

No. 1

When it is stifling hot outside and you wish it were cold and rainy do the following...

1) Turn up the air conditioning
2) Brew a hot cup of tea (the english way; black tea with sugar and cream)
3) Find a dark room (for me that's the basement, draw the blinds if need be)
4) Turn your phone into a sound machine (Relax Melodies is a great app)
5) Cozy up with a blanket and start a good book

Feb 4, 2017

Granny Cato comes to town.

Catching up over here. . .
     Early October Melody took Granny Cato on a grand adventure, an ambitious road trip to meet the great-grand-babies and also visit old places and friends. She's done this before and it has so inspired me. Melody is so good at prioritizing special relationships and in this instance, making sure the new generation meets the old. I believe it truly was a blessing to all those involved.
     We love spunky Granny Cato and wish we could see her more often. We are so thankful her health allowed her to make the trip! I know I benefitted from her lighthearted joking and especially from her wisdom. My kids don't quite understand how special it is to know her, but I do, and for now, that's what's important.
(Granny Cato and Baby Wells (2mo), Phoebe (1mo) and Tobias (2yr))