Nov 6, 2017

A visit to the ocean.

     I am headed to the beach again this weekend so editing these pictures has been really fun. I took so many pictures, it was hard to choose which ones to keep! Beware the photo dump at the end.

 (I think I have a similar picture of Tobias at this age.)

 (He ran and ran and ran. He loved the shallow waves but hated when Gray took him out further.)

(It rained right when we got there, hence the overcast skies. Thankfully the drizzle did not last long, but instead managed to clear the beach!)

     We have made this beach trip an annual family thing and I love it. We usually go in August, but the time got away from us this year. So when it finally came together in October and the weather was amazing and the beach was empty, I was so thankful. It turned out to be a perfect trip! 

(Daddy makes the perfect climbing gym.)

(We loved the shallow tidal pools. They water was slightly warmer here than in the ocean and they were the perfect depth to sit in!)

     This is the first year we went overnight. This made for less driving in one day which was a definite plus! We set out Friday mid-morning and arrived at the beach around one o' clock. We skipped naps and played hard for several hours. Then we left to find dinner and check-in at our hotel. While there we cleaned up and relaxed in front of a show and then on a whim gathered the kiddos and made a quick trip into Charleston. 
     Once in Charleston we walked along the water to The Battery. Numerous stops were made to watch sail boats and speed boats. We then ran around the prettiest sun lit park squishing soft grass underfoot. We were cocooned beneath the most majestic trees draped in wispy Spanish Moss, visions from my dreams if you were wondering. From there we jaunted along beautiful streets lined with colorful houses and followed horses hitched to buggy's in search of one of momma's favorite treats, fudge. After a successful purchase, a couple of almost tantrums and a long shoulder ride, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. 

 (This walk took fooooooorever. He would stop every three steps, climb back up, and watch with unbridled joy every speed boat, every sail boat that moved past.) 

(Is there seriously anything better than wide expanses to run and explore? Especially under massive trees?)

(The end to every chase is an unwilling participant... Daddy and Well's because Tobias refused to be in a picture. Toddlers. Insert shoulder shrug here.)

(Digging in the dirt, all little boy's rite of passage.)

     Early Saturday morning we went back to the beach for more sand and more sun. Once we had our fill, we washed off, packed up, and drove home to the sounds of Johnnyswim and sweet sleeping babies. Oh, and sand. Lots of sand! The sound of sand spilling out of every bag, every shoe, every toy, all the food. Sand sweeping off the car as we drove down the road. Sand dusting every surface especially the floor exfoliating our feet, our arms, our hair. Magic sand, leaving no crevice uninhabited, no surface untouched. Freakin sand!

(Tobias has a VERY healthy fear of the ocean. He was more than content to let the waves chase him and lap at his toes. But that was the extent of his quest into the water. He spent most of his time digging sand and filling buckets.)

 (I want to remember his love of hats. I do not know if it will continue, but I hope so. 
Wellington abhors hats. So funny to see their differences, even in something so inconsequential.)

 (Baby kisses and hat grabs.)

(Throwing sand at home? No sirree! Throwing sand at the beach? Sure, why not? Some rules are perfect for breaking at the beach.)

Other moments of note: 
1) We reserved a suite and ended up cooking mac n' cheese for the boys for dinner. It may sound odd, but we couldn't find any mac n' cheese at the fast-food places around and I wanted to feed them something I knew they would eat. Sometimes you need the good ol' fashioned staple. 
2) Tobias slept on the pull-out couch and Wells slept in a pack n' play in the same room. This is something we had never done before, and to be honest I did not think it would work. My fears were unfounded. They did great! This meant momma and daddy could stay up later to watch soccer and enjoy fudge. 
     It also gave us the courage to put them in the same room at home! That night, they spent the first half hour together playing hide and seek! Hearing "where's the baby?!" from the other room might have been the cutest thing from this trip ... unless I mention naked babies. Letting them run around naked at the outside beach showers, dimpled butts, happy squeals and all is admittedly hard to top.  

 (Building towers ...)

(... and then trying to save them from "the destructor!")

(Getting buried in the sand, a first!)

     Seriously, so many great moments on this quick get-away. The perfect change of pace and a much needed change of perspective. Switching up the schedule can be tricky. My boys do well with the consistency, but even with the changes and the extra crankiness, all that sand and water made it hard to complain. Plus, I always enjoy extra snuggles from tired babies. I am really looking forward to going back next year!

And now for that promised photo dump ...
 (This picture makes me laugh.)
(Waiting for his chance to attack ...)
(Got it! Please imagine a high pitched "NOOOooooo!!!" while looking at this picture.)
(Definitely telling me something. 😍 )
(Tobias trying to hide his face from my camera.)
("Look at me!" Okay ... now you are standing in front of daddy, cool.)
 (Too scared to go out there, but wishing he could be with daddy too.)
 (Pleased as punch!)