Jul 29, 2014

This is real life.

     Real life is working three jobs and coming home exhausted. Real life is friend visits and relative visits and birthing classes and doctors appointments, unkempt houses, and dogs who require attention. And yes, real life is hating to mow and letting the grass get super high. It probably should have been mowed three weeks ago, but in real life, sometimes things like yard work get pushed back. Real life isn't perfect and I like to remember that because social media can sometimes lead you to believe the exact opposite.

Jul 28, 2014

4 Mission Street

     And so we come to the second installment in the 4 Mission Street Series. Today I'm showcasing the Craft Room. A room solely for my own enjoyment and creative endeavors. I don't think Gray will be letting me have a craft room quite so large in our next house, so I'm soaking it in now! I love the character in this room. There are so many unique features and with a large window and door, the wall space was fun to work with!
     The craft room is where I have our large gallery wall. I showed you how to put some prints on canvas in THIS POST. I am so happy with how it turned out, it adds so much color and life to the room!
     Some other features that have proved to be my favorite are the mirror over the faux fireplace. I found the mirror at a Habitat for Humanity Restore and painted the edges yellow to add some color. Its so large and the shape is so fun! The crates that hold my fabric were bought at A.C. Crafts, but I'm pretty sure Walmart was selling them too, and then painted with some left over paint from our last apartment. Screwing them into the wall was an interesting project and one Gray hopes never to repeat. Lets just say, that isn't drywall we were screwing into with our junior power tool. . .
     The couch in this room is really just for looks and for the dog. Since buying new furniture for our living room, Riggs has learned that certain pieces are off limits and so he has claimed what remains. I thought we had this settled until he decided to lay down on my new couch last week! Due to a series of events last week (which is a week that will go down as one of the worst in Riggin's life) he has lost his privilege to "stay out" while we are gone and instead is confined to the kitchen only. We can't risk other things being damaged so his freedom has been curbed. He's taken it pretty well considering there is only a thin rug on which to lay. Such is life Riggs, such is life.
     I've completed so many fun projects in this room and still have a many more to finish, especially before baby gets here. Next project; sewing crib sheets, I'll let you know how they turn out!

Jul 24, 2014

The mom look.

This is not a mom look . . .
 This, on the other hand, is . . . see the difference?
     I've noticed that this face is getting a lot of practice recently, and Riggs has been the prime culprit. The tilted head, the nostrils flared, the brows lowered and more together, and those wide eyes that show a little more of the white. When done correctly, its a killer face. And generally one that scares Riggs into the right course of action. It usually precedes a stern comment or command and sometimes, if he's lucky, a stomp of the foot. 
     Will my kiddo be scared of this face? I'm not sure, I think I need a little more practice. My mom had this face mastered. I mean, yowza! If you got the mom face it meant, "STOP, IMMEDIATELY, whatever you were doing and seriously cower or show some remorse for whatever got you in this predicament to begin with!"It was not a face to be taken lightly. It's use was varied, but I remember it most clearly in public situations. It only took one look to get all four ducklings back in order and if not, you could rest assured a painful pinch on the upper arm would soon follow (and possibly more punishment when we got home). 
     Even though that face scared me, and I naively thought to myself, "oh I'll never use that face with my kids," its a face that I can't avoid. Has any mom successfully avoided it? It might not be quite like mine, but it will have the same desired effect. Even though I thought I'd get away from using it, I have to be honest and say in my limited experience, it has definitely proven itself useful. Especially in most all of my babysitting endeavors and even now with Riggs. Its effective and that alone has motivated me to practice. I don't plan on raising a hooligan (I mean who does) so I might as well get crackin'. I'll be adding this exercise to the 300 squats and pelvic rocks I'm doing each day and hopefully by the time this little one arrives, I'll be ready!! Watch out baby Cato, you better behave!

Jul 23, 2014

Hiking Ohio Chronicles

     Pictures are truly one of life's ultimate time travel devices. They transport us back to different places, different people and unique experiences. They make it easier to not only remember the sights, sounds, and smells, but the emotions and conversations from a particular moment in time. And no matter how nostalgic you are or are not, there is beauty in being able to sift through a raged box, view a dusty reel, or scroll though an online collage and remember times that passed too quickly but times that added immeasurable value to your own life. I really love these pictures for that reason. They remind me of home and family and gosh darn good times! Hiking with my sisters and my grandma in God's creation genuinely makes my heart happy.