Mar 25, 2015

Sleep is crucial.

     The last two weeks have been hard. Maybe the hardest yet. Two adults and a child who are sleep deprived, up countless times at night, and fussy every waking hour do not a happy family make. I finally reached the end of my fuse. I caved and bought a sleep training book and I talked to my mom and several of my mom friends. I listened to advice, stories of what worked and what failed, assurance that this time would pass; consolidating and stashing snippets here and there of things I would use, encouragement I would call upon in those rough moments and then we did it. We tried a method and stuck too it, even when Gray couldn't handle it I stepped in and vice versa. 
     Since Sunday night, the babe has slept from 7:30ish to 4/4:30 when I feed him and put him back to bed until 7:30 in the morning. Can I just say, sleep is so crucial. For me and my family a happy baby means a happy mum and a happy dad. We definitely have some zzzzzz's to catch up on, but we are on the right track. The texts and conversations I've had from friends checking in, meant the world. There is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel and I have more confidence knowing that I can overcome tough parenting obstacles. These pictures were taken in the midst of getting back on track so he still has that tired stare going on in a couple of them, but I love the purpose they serve. What a great reminder of where we've been and where we never want to return, so help me!
     On a side note, he doesn't seem to be bothered by grass, something that, according to my mom, I hated. He is as curious as ever and everything, I mean EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. I am loving and hating this stage. His adventurous spirit is inspiring. Oh and the giggles and laughs and tired cuddles and those chunky baby feet and fat knees, gosh! I'm totally gushing, I'll stop. Six months on Friday. Man oh man.

Mar 23, 2015

Mum and Tobias

     It is so hard to get pictures of Tobias and I when I'm the photographer of the family. I have to be super intentional and almost always they are planned. Hopefully the home videos will show my "personality" because candid photos are a rare treat. Thankfully I am able to convince Gray to take photos every once in awhile, below is the product of one of those times. It is important to me that I am a part of the photos that my kids will look back on someday.

Mar 18, 2015

Morning Snuggles

     I think I'm going to be photo dumping for awhile. Just trying to catch up and post a lot of the pictures that I've just been saving to my computer. Looking back on some of these makes me realize just how much he has grown. Tobias at three months vs. Tobias now at five and a half months is drastically different. I fear the old saying "you blink and they are grown" because it's happening before my very eyes. Oh and I just read the book "Love You Forever," and balled my eyes out. Why would you write such a thing? The author must enjoy making mothers cry, that's the only logical conclusion.
     At three months when he found his voice he would wake up talking and babbling and I'd reach over and pull him into bed between Gray and I and snuggle him and watch him enjoy his new found skill. It was fascinating, both his facial expressions and the vocal exercises he would produce. We're onto new skills now, but I never tire listening to his silly sounds. And the morning snuggles? That will me a daily occurrence for as long as he allows. . .

Jan 11, 2015

3 Months

Time stop, slow down, still for just a bit,
please ...
     It's a little past the actual day, but these were taken pretty close to the 27th of December so that's a win in my book! Three months, gah! It's going way too fast. He is changing so quickly and yet when you're in the thick of the day to day it doesn't seem like it. I'm trying to cherish every amazing smile. Every flirt. Every squeal. Every time he makes eye contact and recognizes who mum and dad are. Every noise. Every eye rub. Every snuggle. Every diaper change. Every bath. Every body massage. Every time he wraps his hand around my finger. Every thumb suck and yes even every cry. Who knew the biggest scariest weightiest responsibility of life could bring so much joy?! I feel so blessed, so in awe that God entrusted this precious tiny human into our care. I don't want to take the fleeting time I have with him for granted. I want to be purposeful and intentional with every moment. I find myself praying more frequently, even harder and with more urgency that this little life would realize who Jesus is and choose to follow Him. I pray that God would live through Gray and I so that Tobias grows to love the Lord and bring glory to Him. Does it ever get easier? That inward battle that can't wait to see who they become and yet yearns for them to stop growing for just a minute? I never thought I was sentimental ... and then he came along.

Beware: photo overload. I am a new mom and all ...

Aug 6, 2014

Cloth Diaper Thoughts

     My brain hurts. Who knew there were so many cloth diaper options? I mean, seriously. I just need someone to tell me what to do, I'm all ears! So far I've come to the conclusion that you just have to find what works best for you. The only issue with that advice is how do you go about finding what works best when you've never done it before? I mean where does a newbie start?
     I'm definitely looking to do cloth diapers for a couple of reasons. One, they are budget friendly. Two, they seem to be healthier for baby's bum, breathable, un-chemical, and helpful when potty training. Three, they are budget friendly. Can I say that again? They are cheaper! Too much? :) But with that being said (multiple times) I still want cloth diapers that are durable and low maintenance which includes being relatively easy to wash.
     With all those criteria in mind, I think I've settled on prefolds. Yes they take a little more time when actually diapering baby, but the washing seems more manageable to me, and besides being the cheapest cloth diaper option, the laundry process is a key factor! I'm bad at laundry on a good day, I don't need something that requires tons of extra steps and that takes forever to dry. I need a two wash cycle, dry in the dryer diaper and it seems like prefolds fit that bill.
     Now the question is, which prefold? Gosh, I think my eyes are permanently crossed from reading 20 or so blogs and articles on this topic for the past three hours. And reading reviews really screws up your thinking. No one diaper is 100% recommended. China or India? Bleached or unbleached? 100% cotton or some with polyester? One size or multiple sizes? Hmm on a normal pregnancy night this dilemma would call for a huge milkshake. Unfortunately that can't happen (due to my horrible decision to forgo sugar) so I'll sip my water instead and vigorously pin all of these articles to my growing "Cloth Diaper" board. On a more positive note, my mom has a friend whose daughter uses prefolds, I have acquired her number in the hopes of getting some of my questions answered!
     Even though this night seems frustrating, I have to say it has been enlightening. I haven't reached a decision yet, but I feel myself getting closer. Closer is good, closer is progress, and progress means that my inner nesting self that tends to get freaked out can tone down for the time being. 33 weeks, I still have time to make a decision and purchase what I need. Not tons of time, but enough.
     Writing all of this is definitely making me think I need to reign in the overwhelmed portion of myself before it gets out of hand. Having a baby isn't going to limit the amount of decisions I will need to make. If anything, it will add more to my plate! So learning to manage these decisions in a one step at a time fashion is a must. In my opinion, this means the research part of this decision is pretty much covered, time to move on to another phase! So with that in mind, I think I will hangup the cloth diaper topic for tonight and lift my glass of water in the air and make a toast. Here's to tomorrow, hopefully some sleep and a conversation with a knowledgable cloth diapering mom will provide some clarity.