Oct 26, 2016

Tobias and his Radio Flyer.

Nana and Poppa bought Tobias a Radio Flyer for his birthday.

     He isn't yet able to recognize what an awesome gift this is, but his parents can! I can't wait to watch him drive up and down our long driveway. He'll be teaching Well's before we know it!

(His first glimpse of his tricycle.)

(We were all telling him what to do, I can see him debating who to listen too.)

     At first he wasn't sure what to do, but daddy gave him a tutorial. With the right shoes his feet just barely reach so it might take some growing in to. I don't think this troubled him too much, he was quite content to push the bike around and sit on it occasionally.

(... and the pushing began. All of his favorite toys are push toys right now, 
so naturally he thought he'd try pushing his tricycle too, ha.)

(It's really hard to get smiling pictures of this booger, I need to be more diligent at taking candids.)

(The yard isn't as easy to drive in, but he was content to let daddy push him.)

     The excitement ended on the porch. He went to work showing his animals his tricycle and shoving them into the little compartment at the back. They didn't quite fit but that couldn't deter him. He finally figured out that if you keep the lid up everything works out.

(That face say's "I'm determined," too bad the animals weren't into cooperating.)

It's a great gift one that will be used for many years to come, thanks Nana and Poppa!

Oct 19, 2016

Tobias turns 2.


(He has a little bit of a personality... )

Mommy wrote: I can't believe it's been that long and that you really are this big. You have changed so much in just two years it feels more like a decade has passed. You add so much to our lives. Our first baby who still gives snuggles and the sweetest kisses. You love to hide under any cover as long as someone hides with you. You enjoy the outdoors and mowing the lawn like no one I know. You also love animals and throwing balls much to your daddy's delight. You are stubborn and challenging and can throw epic tantrums with the best of them, but I wouldn't trade any of it. You are exactly who God created you to be and I am so thankful you are mine! I love you Tobias James.

(Outfit credit goes to my momma, she made the pants and bowtie for my sisters wedding!)

Daddy wrote: Tobias James, the hour I get to spend with you each morning has become my favorite hour of the day. Even when you throw water all over the bathroom floor and don't eat anything I try to give you for breakfast, I am so grateful to be able to have man time together. I can't wait to continue seeing your personality develop. I pray that you would grow to understand all that you have in Jesus. I'm so proud to be your daddy. 

(I asked him if he was going poop, he said "yes.")

(The hands in the pockets! It gets me every time!)

Oct 18, 2016

The Riverbank Zoo.

Family trip to the zoo, a rite of passage I think ...

     We are members of the Greenville Zoo and as such we are afforded certain privileges. One such privilege is half-off entry to several zoos across America! We zoo people (more so my husband than me) think this is a pretty sweet deal. Especially when it includes the Riverbank Zoo.

(These little creatures put on quite the show popping in and out of their burrows.)

(The stroller was massive and therefore a huge pain to maneuver and overall very useless.) 

     The Riverbank Zoo in Columbia is only an hour from our house. So on a day off it makes a great extended morning. We took off around 9:30am with way more bags than we needed. I've resigned myself to the fact that this is my lot in life for the time being. We arrived around 10:30 and proceeded to spend two hours at the park.

     With a toddler two hours was definitely sufficient. We looped the park twice, saw two "shows" and spent extra time viewing our favorite animals. We then drove home while our two babes snoozed in the back seat. Aside from losing out on grownup naps it was a huge success! It is a day we still talk about and a day Tobias desperately hopes we repeat. He asks about it on the regular.

(I took these pictures through the glass, but it looks like the glass wasn't even there! Kudos to the glass cleaners, seriously.)

(My favorite photo from the day.)

     Gray and I loved the Gorillas even though Tobias wasn't as interested. They didn't do much (probably why he wasn't impressed), but their positions and looks were hilarious. Other animals of note were the lions and monkeys, always fascinating for various reasons. We really wanted to see the Tiger, but he was too sleepy to make an appearance, hopefully next time!

(We face-timed Nana because she loves Gorillas too!)

(You could walk through this open exhibit, pretty neat!)

     Tobias loved the Elephants and the Prairie Dogs, but we probably spent the most time at the Brown Bear exhibit. We watched them dig and swim and do bear things like pee massive amounts of liquid (sorry, it was hard to miss). I don't know why he loved them so much, but he did.

(I mean he was glued to those bears, they didn't bat an eyelash without us knowing. He made sure we were informed about every move they made.)

(The smelliest exhibit at the zoo, no joke. Barf worthy.)

     The two shows we saw were great, not too long. We watched a zoo keeper feed penguins and also saw sea lions perform tricks. I really liked the sea lion exhibit, you could go "under" the exhibit and watch them swim. If you stood at the right angle they looked like they were swimming at you, this totally freaked Tobias out and made me laugh (very compassionate of me, I know).

("Tobias, sit down!" This phrase was on repeat for the short amount of time he spent in the stroller.)

     In my opinion, the giraffes were the highlight! You could feed them!! Tobias was brave for about two minutes and let the giraffe grab lettuce from his hand once before delegating the task to daddy, "daddy feed," as he backed away.

(This giraffe was loving the food.)

     Overall it was a great experience! If the worst decision we made was paying too much money for cotton candy, I'd say we did pretty good. We will definitely be going back. Maybe by the time our next trip rolls around Well's will be soaking in the sights and sounds as well ... for the most part, he snuggled me in the ergo, made us both sweat and slept through all the excitement!

Oct 17, 2016

Family photo attempt #50,000,000

Why is it so hard to get a decent family picture?
     One word, kids. They make it ever loving hard, like pull your hair out hard, like slap somebody silly hard. You need an army just to attempt one photo. Not just anybody will do mind you, they had better know how to jump, hoot, and holler like crazy circus clowns!
(Out of 50 this was the best one...)

     It better be the best time of the day, if not, forget about it. The kids should be well rested, fed, and in a generally happy demeanor. You better know exactly where you want the pictures to be taken and how you are going to pose. You must have incentives, and not just any incentives will do... A kid isn't going to sit for pretzels, it better be marshmallows or maybe even fruit snacks!

(This picture represents perfectly my thoughts on family pictures.)

     And once you've thought about all of that, you better be prepared to sit down quickly, smile and look pretty in 2 seconds flat. Any longer than that and you'll be pushing your luck. Any tips you have would be happily received.

The Exasperated Mom. 

Oct 16, 2016

Nana gives Well's a bath.

Babies in sinks.
     Is there anything more traditional and just plain cute? I dream of owning one of those deep farm sinks sometime in the future. If I'm lucky it will happen before all my babies are grown and too big to fit.

(He's got some great man boobs!)

     Nana came down the weekend of our anniversary to allow Gray and I the chance to get out without kids. Not only did we get a chance, but we got multiple chances. It was such a blessing. Another opportunity to realize just how spoiled we are by her amazing selflessness.

(Water in the eyes, haha, not a fan!)

     The only downer of the weekend was the fact that I tweaked my back. I have never done that before and my oh my do I hope it never happens again. So painful and so frustrating. You don't realize how important something is until you can't use it. Not being able to pick up my babies without feeling a knife stab my lower back was hard. I'm and so thankful Melody thought to get me a massage. It made the pain tolerable and eventually helped to heal my back. So wonderful.

     The original plan, before I tweaked my back, was to go to Charleston for the day. Even though it didn't happen, in hindsight, it was a good thing. Instead, we hung around the house and enjoyed the normalcy of routine.

(I debated whether or not to keep this picture colored, he has the prettiest deep blue/gray eyes.)

     Gray and I went to a new restaurant in town for our anniversary dinner. A Brazilian grill, Tucanos. Think buffet with lovely fixings for salad, soups, breads, etc and then endless skewers of meat being brought to your table to try! So yummy. We ended the night watching Blacklist on the projector at church. There are definitely some perks to being the worship pastor.

(That tongue! Haha)

     One of the nights Nana was here she gave Well's a bath. I don't think there are many babies who hate baths, I know that mine doesn't. He thoroughly enjoyed the warm water (except on his head) and I enjoyed his funny faces.