Apr 27, 2013

Scratch that.

     So you know how I said I was moving over to that other blog spot and writing with my sister Francesca . . . well that didn't work (if you haven't noticed). If I had to give you an excuse I would say at this point in time, our lives our so different, and we live so far away from each other that it's just not plausible. I'm definitely not giving up on the idea, but I think it might have to happen a couple of years from now which is cool. I'm pretty patient. :) Anyway, the bottom line is, I'm back and at least for the time being here to stay!
     Due to being absent for the past couple of months, I have some pictures just to update you on things that have been happening down here in Greenville. Our little button isn't so little anymore, in the first month he grew from 6 pounds to 23 and the second month 23 to 36 (or something like that) and who knows what he's at now.
He's definitely a big ol' mess most of the time, but regardless, he really makes me laugh . . .
And as Fran says, "he makes my heart melt."
His favorite spot is our bed, which he doesn't get to sleep in except on special occasions, i.e. mom isn't home . . .
His favorite things right now is making friends.
Easter came and with it an awesome present! I love our eclectic cactus arrangement from Melody and Jim with a clever reminder of the "prickly" pain of our sin, but how through Christ we can have life!
We also started thinking about new things and the future. Focus on the Family held an event titled "Wait No More" educating and encouraging people to adopt. We know that God is leading us in this direction, but its not quite the right time yet.
I've also been crafting a lot, its my new unofficial hobby. I can't wait till this mosaic end table is finished, just waiting for some sunny weather and a few uninterrupted hours.
Also, I've had the chance to get to know my co-workers which includes enjoying some really good food . . .
 And to end all of this randomness, Gray and I have been enjoying beautiful south carolina (aka, falls park at sunset).
And now you're all caught up . . . kinda :)