Jan 4, 2016

Nanny for the day.

     One of the joys of being a stay at home mom is that I have the opportunity to occasionally watch my friends children. The best is when you start nannying slightly before having kids. Then once your little one makes their debut you get to introduce them into the mix and watch some of your favorite people grow together.
     They learned how to take care of (aka. breast feed) their babies at the same time I did, they helped Ty try his first bite of avocado and cheered him on as he started to crawl and then walk. They selflessly brought him all the toys they weren't interested in so that he wouldn't chew and drool all over their favorites. And now they run away from him screaming while he happily squeals and chases them, both parties unaware that he's just copying them not really chasing them.
     It's hilarious and so sweet and just one of the many things I love so much about the stage I'm in. There are a lot of things to grumble about, but that is always the case and from where I sit, I'd rather be a glass half full kind of girl. So I'm smiling as I look as these pictures and choosing to believe there are always more things to be thankful for ... especially when it involves giggling girls on bikes and scooters and an entranced little boy with spiky hair meandering up and down a long driveway in the afternoon light.