Oct 21, 2015

Pumpkin Painting

     This was an ambitious activity for a one year old. I admit I was a little too excited about having a possible art student than I was concerned about thinking through what it would look like for Ty to actually paint a pumpkin. He wasn't ready. I wasn't ready. His dad was less than enthused and leery. I should have listened to him, but I didn't. So there's that.
     Our first attempt lasted for about a minute before paint was in his mouth and I was running inside trying to wash it all out. And the second attempt held his interest for about two minutes more, just long enough to snap a few pics and call it a day (aka. lick my wounds and admit defeat). I think I have a couple more years before this becomes a fun family activity. All I can say is sometimes you have to try it to figure out it doesn't work, anybody else with me? ... And maybe we can forget about the part where his makeshift smock resembles a ruffled dress . . . Parent fail most definitely, :/.
     Notice the red on his lips ... not blood, just more paint.

Oct 20, 2015

Splash pad living.

     This kid had soooo much fun and I took way too many pictures. It was seriously too hard to pare it down and pick the best ones. Ty's expression or stance in each one just made me giggle remembering the pure joy he had while walking in and around the fountains of water.
     It was over Labor Day weekend when we traveled to Ohio that we decided to walk around The Greene (a shopping mall near my parents house). We hadn't thought about the Splash Pad, but couldn't resist once we saw all the little kids prancing around in their suits screaming and squealing with delight. What is it about splashing water that is so exciting? I have no clue, but prepared or not, we just had to join in. So off came the pants and out came the camera and the introduction was made. Ty, splash pad. Splash pad, Ty ...
     There were several times when my mom and I had to rescue him from big kids and fountains that caught him by surprise, but no deterrent was too big! Once consoled, he was twisting in our arms trying to get back out there. So many laughs, such a good memory. 
-And Gray caught some of the excitement of video, for those who are interested!

Oct 12, 2015

Apple picking (a new family tradition, maybe).

     This is now our third year visiting Skytop Orchard. I am not sure how long it takes for an activity to qualify as a tradition, but I am going to assume that we've succeeded. Two years ago Gray and I went with friends, a very fun and relaxing day. Last year, we added my sisters to the party as well as our fresh babe; Tobias was only four weeks old at the time. It was cold and we didn't dress appropriately, but with a couple blankets draped around us we still enjoyed our time. This year we chose to go an hour after moving into our new house.
     This proved to be both good and bad. The house was a mess and things were everywhere. With a walking one year old in the mix, it was nice to leave the chaos and do something fun. The only con, we forgot a stroller, did not have our backpack, and had no shoes for the baby. Soooo, we carried Ty the whole time (minus a couple minutes towards the end when after scouring the ground for red ants and finding none, it was deemed safe enough for baby toes). He likes to get down and run around so I say "carried" lightly. It was more like a constant wrestling match to distract the kid from throwing his body towards the ground. In instances like these, I am thankful for gracious friends who take turns carrying said crazy child and attempting to entertain him.
     Regardless of that minor issue we successfully picked some apples, staymen and golden pears to be exact! Plus we were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery all while sweating and climbing giant hills due to getting somewhat lost, but ya, can't expect perfection every time. Maybe next year will be better ... Good thing we do this once a year, I have time for this years experience to get clouded over with my desire to create dreamy fall time memories. :p
Credit for the rest of these photos goes to Katelyn Gray, she's the best! It is so nice to have a few pictures of Tobias and I!