Mar 1, 2014

Project: Print on Canvas

     This project isn't original, I'm sure you could find it on Pinterest if you were looking. So if my tutorial isn't informative enough please do not hesitate to look it up on Pinterest and find someone else who explains it a lot better! My feelings will not be hurt :)

     Basically I had this large 8x10 print that I really wanted to add to my gallery wall, but I was lacking a picture frame and I didn't really want to spend money and get one. So with everything on hand, I went about attaching my print to a canvas. I did it in five easy steps using 4 things; mod podge, a foam brush, an old canvas that needed a fresh look, and a print.

 Gather your mod podge from the recesses of that craft bin you have located in the back of the closet, or in my instance that cardboard box you still need to unpack.

 Grab that old canvas that could really use a facelift. Side note: If you tend to be messy when doing crafts you might want to grab a trash bag and place it under the canvas as a catch all.

 Using a foam brush or any brush apply your mod podge to the canvas. Don't be stingy this is what holds the print to the canvas! You might want to add some to the back of the print as well, just to be extra safe.

 After you cover your canvas with glue firmly press your print onto the canvas.

 Finally, use a liberal amount of mod podge to cover the print. I like to think this seals the photo and gives it a more polished look. It will seem cloudy and streaky, but all of that will be non-existent once it dries. Don't fret! 

     Once it has dried hang it in any place of your choosing! Gray and I created a gallery wall in one of our front rooms so I added my canvas to that. If you look closely you might be able to see that I did this project with two other larger prints and canvas's. Its so simple and easy, and when you have everything on hand it's pretty cost effective too!
     If you haven't collected every one of those supplies like I had, the list below shows you where (one place out of many) you can get it and how much the project will cost:
     Mod Podge: $4.40
     Foam Brush: $0.44
     Canvas: $3.99 for two
     8x10 Print: $2.84
Thats a total of $11.67, not bad for a really simple project that looks great!

Disposing of the tree.

     There really isn't some awesome story that goes along with these pictures. Getting rid of the tree is something that everyone has to do. It was a little harder for us because when you live in an apartment you can't just stick it on the curb and wait for someone to come pick it up. But with a little online research we learned that we could drop it off at a park about 3 min from our house and from there the City of Greenville would take care of it. Pretty simple if you ask me! The only issue is that when two lazy people live together it takes a little longer than necessary. So a week or so after we had taken off all the ornaments and packed them away we finally got around to removing it from our home. And about a week after that we eventually dropped it off at the park . . . those were a cramped couple of days riding in the Escape! At least is smelled good!
I love my macho man!