May 30, 2013

Oh Riggs.

     I absolutely hate to admit it, but our dog is super spoiled. I know some people like to treat their animals as if they are human and I don't have anything against that, it's just not my thing. Growing up the dog was the dog, no sleeping in bed with you, no fancy treats, no pampering, it made sense. Our family was busy and even though we loved and treated the dog well it wasn't my moms "fifth child." So naturally when Gray and I picked up little Riggs from the Humane Society my view of how things were going to be was a little stricter than what they ended up being . . .
     For instance, the dog was never allow on the couch in my mother's home, Riggs is currently cuddled up beside me on our couch. Dogs never laid on beds (I mean never got on furniture period) Riggs gets to sleep on our bed every morning (only when I'm not there cause I'd put an end to that). Dogs stayed in the back room/kennel during the day because the family was at school/ working. The only day Riggs is in the kitchen for more than 4ish hours at a time is Sunday and not only that, but Riggs gets to go to the dog park about 2 hours every day. In my opinion, Riggs is slightly pampered. He gets a lot of attention from two people who have pretty uncomplicated lives (at this point). The way I see it, for now, it's okay that he's spoiled, the day will come when Riggs will get a rude awakening, but that's not today.
     So I'm content breaking rules that I didn't even knew I held until I moved out of my parents house and experienced getting a dog of my own. If only you knew how much we loved you Riggs . . .

May 29, 2013


     Aside from the fact that it's three days instead of two, Memorial Day Weekend is the best. Too me it's like the official start of summer. Cookouts, hot sun, late nights sitting in lawn chairs, fairs, hanging out with friends, good stuff. Hoping your summer started out as good as mine!

May 26, 2013

Returning home after being gone.

     I never thought that one of the hardest things I would do would become one of the best things I would do. But then again, there probably aren't many people that think this, it just kind of happens that way.
     And so, moving away from Ohio wasn't really a "woohoo, I'm so excited moment," It was more of a tearful realization that even though growing up is fun it can be really hard. I think until this point in my life, my goings always ended with a return; England in high school, heartsong tours, Spain. Part of my enjoyment came with knowing that this place or activity wasn't long term. I would always be returning home.
      But Greenville, it doesn't really have an ending date. I could very well have left Ohio for good. And even though at first I had an "omg this is the end of the world moment," these last couple of months have proved me wrong. I have met special friends that have challenged and encouraged me towards Christ. I have found a job that isn't fulfilling but has provided valuable knowledge that will help me in any work endeavor I pursue in the future. My relationship with Grayson has only gotten better, not having the 'rents so close has really made us lean on each other for help and support. But what I was really reminded of this past weekend is how much sweeter it is to return home when you've been gone, even if it is for just a moment.
      Cue my parents brilliant plan: Surprise baby sister for prom. In short, they paid for the plane tickets and I packed my bags.
I made the horrible decision of flying super early in the morning. Which meant waking up at 3:30 leaving for the airport at 4, boarding the plane at 5, twenty min flight to Charlotte, layover till 8, one hour flight to Dayton and no one to pick me up until 10. Thank goodness for caffeine!
I spent the day with my sister Victoria since we couldn't surprise Dominique until after school at her nail appointment. We had a good ole time baking dessert, curling hair dodging lightening, and acting goofy.
Then the moment we'd all been waiting for arrived, and it went off without a hitch! (Tip for surprising a Couser Girl, do it in a public place where they can't go crazy, it minimizes the tears)
The hair idea came from this hairstyle sported by Selena Gomez.
Who knows what was happening . . . oh vic
My lovely assistant:
Cannot wait to do her senior pictures . . .
Of course she didn't really pin it on.
It was a beautiful day and a fantastic weekend (especially since it just happened to be Mothers Day), I'm so thankful my parents extended the invitation!
The view from the plane as I left. It might be flat, but it's still beautiful.

May 3, 2013

Moving Forward.

Do you ever feel like you're in a rut?

     I feel as if lately the person I envision myself becoming isn't going to naturally evolve from the person I am now. If that doesn't make sense, let me put it this way, the choices and the way I am living in this moment are in no way leading me to the person I want to become. Some of those choices are small and might seem inconsequential, but i can't help thinking that if I don't get ahold of them now, they could turn into some really unhealthy habits.
     So I've been thinking. And for some reason, maybe it's the season or the new place we are in, but I want to "clean house." I'm really challenging myself to throw out these bad habits that are forming and not just throw them out, but create space and make way for new life giving habits.
     I know this transformation of sorts will most definitely not happen overnight, I understand that, but that doesn't mean that I can't start now. And in my opinion, what better way to start than to write it down. It kind of makes it permanent, like taking the first step, because it goes past just thinking and turns into action. Plus, by writing it down it's that much easier to hand it to someone and say "hey, would you mind keeping me accountable?" or "would you help me reach these goals?"And lets be honest, it's near impossible to make changes and make them stick without someone or many someones encouraging you and cheering you on (cue Grayson, hehe).
     Now looking at my list it would be completely unrealistic to think I'm gonna be perfect, but someone once gave me great advice: it's about perseverance, about keeping on, even though it might be the smallest of steps, a shuffle towards the finish line (aka. healthier habits) is better than standing still.

Jak's Goals:
1) Read the Bible consistently, so often this gets pushed back by other more "important" things, not anymore! (My thinking: Who would climb Mt. Everest without a guide? A crazy person that's who) I found this guide through another blog I read, I'm not setting any time limits on myself, this just gives me a place to start.
2) Love better. Broad, I know. Basically, I find that I can be horrible at keeping in touch. I need to stop making excuses and send that text, call that individual, write that note, hangout with that friend. I'm horrible at standing back and waiting for people to come to me, it rarely happens. Great relationships are the ones you pursue.
2) Exercise. This one's a toughie. I found myself wanting to finish my sentence with "exercise more," but I realized that implies I've already been exercising (ha). I hate exercising and I know I'm not alone, I'm not a runner and no matter what runners say, it never gets easier. I'm not really a dancer, but that's the nice thing about zumba, you just have to shake it, and that, I can do. I also might add some yoga in there, I need a way to de-stress and toning your muscles never hurts. I'm gonna start by going three times a week and see what happens from there.
3) Eat healthier and eat less. I'm definitely not saying this is great for everyone and to be honest Gray and I do a modified version, but we have found the Paleo diet to be really good for us. You might want to check it out.
4) Watch less TV. Instead take time to explore. Explore my creativity, explore nature, explore Greenville.
5) Create a book club. this is something that my sister in California loves to do and she's inspired me to start my own, plus I just love reading and there are very few girls that don't love talking, so really it's a win win.
6) Grow in my photography. I joined an online class that I can take at my own pace and I have several books on this topic that are waiting to be (love my kindle), I just need to start.

     As I set more goals and uncover more unhealthy habits I might add to the list, but for now that's gonna be more than enough to tackle. Some days it might be a shuffle, but I'm okay with that. So here's to moving forward!

Just in case you're unfamiliar with the shuffle, this mans got it down :)