Feb 16, 2016

At Home - October 2015

     These are old photos, but when I found them, I couldn't not post them. He still stands on a chair and looks out our front window except now (unlike in these pictures) he can push the chair himself and get onto it himself. And even though the window is still exciting, the kitchen sink has somewhat taken its place, because you know he's a toddler, and water . . .  enough said.
     Anything somewhat dangerous and new gets a lot of attention these days. Anything that deviates from the routine is enchanting. Looking out the window was one of those things, and if there is enough going on outside (like our huge renovation a couple weeks ago) it keeps his attention for quite some time.
     It's activities like these that make me wish we didn't have a TV. Television has its place, but I hope that when life gets crazy we don't forget to take a minute and look outside and let our imagination be captured and our senses excited to God's magnificent creation. There is a lot more to be learned at the  window than at our TV.

Feb 10, 2016

Vic and Dan's Engagement

     I had the pleasure of not only witnessing, but being a part of my sisters engagement to sweet Dan. It was such an amazing day, full of giddy nervousness, surprise and great fellowship. I love all my sisters and getting to enjoy special moments in their lives is such a gift.
     It happened over Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday morning. Our original family (mom and dad and the four girls) scrunched into my parents car and drove the distance to Hocking Hills, Ohio. It was a damp and overcast day, but we were all excited, even Victoria, who though she was completely oblivious to the true plan loves hiking so much the weather didn't phase her (I remind myself that she is studying to be a geologist).
     Just to fill in some of the details, Dan had written out an in-depth plan and sent it to us over email. The only negative was that at our destination, the internet was spotty at best and so following the plan proved to be difficult. Thankfully Dan and his friend were on the lookout and worked with what we gave them, which was basically nothing ...
     The plan was to walk a certain trail and find "the spot" that Dan had picked out previously. Then we were to encourage a solitary Victoria towards said spot for a picture. Once she was in place we were supposed to call out a specific phrase letting Dan know he should step out and ambush/propose to her. Golly was that spot hard to find and the warning call, forget about it! We were all sorts of confused and uncertain, but it somehow worked out anyway! Thank goodness, none of us wanted a botched proposal on our hands!!
     He stepped out and I started snapping as he got to one knee and said beautiful sweet things all while an extremely confused Victoria kept looking at us and couldn't quite wrap her mind around what was happening. He had to ask her twice before everything clicked. To her defense he had shaved his beard, told her he was extremely ill, couldn't text, and then all of a sudden stood in front of her! So awesome the things people do for a good surprise!
     Of course she said yes and after all the hugging and congratulations we went off to shot a couple of pictures. Once those were out of the way we headed back to the car and everyone (Dan's parents included) made their way back to my parents house to enjoy some amazing pancakes, conversation (when the story was repeated millions of times, as it should be) and then dinner. Such a good day and so many fun memories that I'm sure Dan and Vic will remember for a long time to come!!
     Congratulations you too!

Feb 3, 2016

Couser Girl Weekend 2015

     We took a road trip to our backyard as a kickoff to Sister Weekend. It was frigid and sleeping on the cold ground all night probably wasn't the best rest any of us have ever experienced, but it was for the sake of fun lasting memories and we were (correction, I was) determined! In my opinion it was all made better by the fact that we enjoyed a warm bonfire, smores and the best hot chocolate before turning in and cuddling under mounds of blankets, whispering and giggling like little girls and snacking on junk food (shh, don't tell mom!).
     We awoke early the next morning, and by early I mean 6, which was harder for some than others. After taking showers we hopped in the car and took off to Columbus for the day. While there we enjoyed fancy coffee, crazy expensive antique stores, pretty shops, a nice lunch and the Franklin Park Conservatory. The day could not have been better, but all that aside, it was truly the company that made it one of the best weekends I had had in awhile.
     All that's left to ask is .... when's the next one?!
Photo credit for the first two shots go to Vic.
 A huge thank you to my parents for watching the fart while I enjoyed some freedom!
Looking cute in his new hat and coat ... so spoiled.
The light was soooo nice!
Forever marked the Couser Girls. Photo credit goes to momma.
 I'm a little proud that we built the fire ourselves and no one/nothing was harmed.
Cheers to more of these weekends in the future!